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Mini- Library - is created for students of Barangay Zone III in helping them gathering information that could help them in their school activities. Our library has 30 volumes of Americana Encyclopedia, 10 volumes of Grolier Science Encyclopedia and 1 unit of Computer with an intenet connection for the student to browse faster and help them in their school requirements.

Website - www.zone3.pinamalayan.gov.ph is an electronic operation where people can browse the barangay activities, projects and events.

Health Center - is located inside the compound of Barangay Hall where the monthly vaccination, operation timbang and maternity check-ups occur and we also offer medicines to our indigent constituents.

Barangay Day Care Center - is also located inside the compound of Barangay Hall where it starts the early development of children education.

Barangay Senior Citizen Hall - is located infornt of the Barangay Hall where it caters the Senior Citizens of our Barangay.

Barangay Development Program -is an infrastructure focused development program between proponent and beneficiaries. It's goal si to achieve progress among other barangays and become one of the model Barangay in the Municipality of Pinamalayan.



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